Meisenbach pens

Made in Germany has a long tradition

Karl Meisenbach GmbH & Co. KG has been producing writing utensils since 1880.  Our standard combines variety and individuality, quality and comfortable writing, accuracy and trendy designs.

All plastic components are manufactured in our factory in Germany.  Metal components and accessories are bought in addition.  However, each piece is „made in Germany“ or „made in Europe“.

Advertising material represents you. There are 5 good reasons to choose pens from Meisenbach: quality, service, individuality, reliability, price performance ratio.  Just click on the picture to enter the colourful world of Meisenbach pens.

OEM private label Meisenbach produces your pen, whether it’s as a licenced product or under your company’s name.  With the Meisenbach modular design system, the choice is yours.  Upon request we take care of everything, from design to packaging, so you will receive the finished product ready to be sold.

All series from the Meisenbach range of products are also available as standard pens in trendy colours matching the series and target groups.  According to your needs, we supply pens in bulk, on a standard blister pack or in a standard display, whichever suits your business.